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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I think I still got it

My hubby and I were invited to a couples gathering at our neighbor's house. Since it was just for couples, at least that is what they told us, I didn't expect anyone there to be without their spouse or partner. When we got the verbal invitation to come over, our neighbor's specifically told the hubby not to come unless he bring his wife. So hubby asked if I wanted to go and since I really didn't have anything else to do except watch Lifetime movies, I said that I would go. I almost said that I didn't want to go, which would have meant that hubby couldn't go, and besides we needed a night out, even if it was next door. Hubby said that he was just gonna put on some old pants and this wrinkled shirt and just pop in over there for about an hour, but I told him I was not dressing like a bum and even though it was just next door, I treated it like an evening out on the town with makeup and jewelry, which prompted hubby to dress nicer as well.

So we get there and mingle with all the different couples that are there, some are up dancing and drinking and talking loud, and I found me a spot on the couch in the other room with the more quieter group as hubby mingled with the man of the house. As other people began to come in after us, there was this empty spot on the couch next to me. This man comes in that I did not know. There were others who knew him and asked him where was his wife. He said that the wife's sister had come in and instead of them coming to the party and then leaving that he decided to just come alone. So this guy comes in the quiet part of the house where I and a few other couples are and asked me if this empty spot next to me was taken. I told him no. He asked if he could sit there. I didn't have any objections, it was an empty spot, and besides, this ain't my house. I am just a guest.

He extended his hand for a shake and introduced himself and I told him my name. And I plainly said (pointing in the kitchen) that is my husband right there. But he must not have heard that, even though it was said as plain as day. So he is sitting there, and not attractive either...and he starts talking about he needs a drink. He asked if he could get me anything and I politely said no thanks. So this guy comes back and starts talking about that if he gets drunk (pointing at the couch that we are sitting on) that he and Barbara (my name) is gonna just take the couch over and fall asleep. I was drinking some sprite and almost got choked. I looked over to this woman who thought it was hilarious and even though I don't know her, I leaned over and said, "Does he not know I'm married." She just said she knew him and that he was having fun, so I actually rolled with the fun too. I didn't comment on his lil joke, but I kinda felt uneasy, even if he was having fun.

So the hostess and her husband came in the room where we were and asked if everybody was ok, and the guy that I am sitting next to said that he would be even greater if Barbara came home with him. Whoa!!! Now the joking has gone too far. Just as I was about to say to him, you know I'm married and my husband is in the kitchen, the hostess said, "I don't think her husband would like you saying stuff like that." He said to me, "You're married?" I told him I pointed out my husband when he came in the door and he said that he didn't hear me cause he was too focused on my beauty. The guy apologized and said that he didn't mean no harm. Even though it was a great compliment, he wouldn't be my type even if I wasn't married. At least I know that at 43, I still somewhat got it.