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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sister to sister

Since this blog is from my point of view, I have a question to ask you. Why do we, as women, are always hating on other women? Sit back and get a cup of coffee or a ice cold soda while I dig deeper in this with my point of view.

I see it everywhere I go, where women are hating on other women. I mean, do you look at these other women and they pose a threat to you? What do these women have or what has these women done that makes you say, "Uggghhh, I just can't stand her." If these women have bigger breasts than yours, well get yourself a breast job. If these women have longer hair, then let yours grow out or get yourself some weave. If these women have a bigger butt, well then get yourself some padding. If you see a skinny chic and you want to be skinny, well exercise and lose weight. If you want to gain weight, then go and stalk out Krispy Kreme 24/7. I still don't see it though. Wait a minute, do you think these women are prettier than you are? Say that is not the answer. Well here are my thoughts on that. Since I have this strong mind about myself and since I love myself and have a whole heap of confidence, this is what I see when I walk in the room, especially in a room full of women. I see myself as the most beautiful, the prettiest, the finest, the sexiest, the most voluptious, the most gorgeous, the hottest thing in the room. When I walk in a room, I don't see them, I see me. I see myself and if I have a problem with myself, I go and fix it within myself only because I love me. I'm not trying to change anything about myself all because I want what somebody else has. Their thing is not my thing and their thing is not for me. What I have is because it was designed and destined just for me.

True Story: One of my sisters has really gone off the deep end and lost her mind. If she and her husband and are in the store and some woman looks at her husband, do you know that she will holla at the woman in the store and call her out of her name and ask the woman, "What are you looking at my husband for?" I mean, really! Wouldn't you want someone to look at your husband or your boyfriend? Does she really expect people to walk in the store with blinders on and just see the apples and oranges and nothing else around them.

I also can't understand why we women want to jump all over the other woman when you find that your mate has been sleeping around. My perspective is that it takes two to tango. There is no one who can take "YOUR MAN" if he wasn't willing to go. He had opportunity and so he jumped on the bandwagon and went along for the ride. I'm just saying. Instead of encouraging one another and lifting each other up in a positive way, we are so quick to tear down other women. Keep this in mind as I close, God made more than one woman on this earth, and if you see other women as being more of this and that and you are not, then maybe the problem is you and that you need to work on yourself so that you can find contentment and be satisfied just the way you are and leave them other women alone.  Much love my sisters.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Buying a better bra

A few years ago, I belonged to a church where I knew this plus-sized chic like myself. There is nothing wrong with being a plus-size girl, but one thing that irks me about  being a big breasted women is that your bra is the wrong size. So one Sunday, I see this lady come to church with this bra on that looked like it was something she was still trying to hold on to from high school. Her boobs and her stomach had become friends with each other. I'm thinking to myself, "Why are her breasts touching her stomach?" I must say that I do not claim to be a bra representative, but by golly, at least put on a decent bra where you can tell that you have two breasts, and not an extra pack of sausage in the middle.  I didn't say anything that time, because I was thinking that she might take offense if I told her.

The following Sunday came around and once again, this lady comes in church with these hooters getting low, getting low. They were jiggle-linging all over the place and being bouncy and it just didn't look good at all. Since she and I had become acquaintainces, I figured it would be ok if I went up to her and inquire about this thing she had on under her clothes. She was talking with some women after church and I went up to her and asked her if I could speak with her in private for just a minute. I told her not to take offense as to what I was about to say and I just let her know that her bra was not working for her. I told her that since she does have big breast, that she will need to get a better bra and that sometimes bigger bras do cost a little bit more than the regular bra, but that it would be worth it. I went on to tell her that not only will her clothes fit better with an uplifting bra but that she will look better as well. She said ok and then we departed and went our way.

Well the next Sunday came around again, and I was just sitting there minding my business when I see this lady come in church. When I tell you that a transformation took place just in a week, it was a great transformation. This lady had bought herself a bra and those boobs were standing at attention. It even made her look a little slimmer. She walked in that church like she had the world on her shoulder. She came to me after church was over and wanted to thank me. She said she never knew how it looked because she just didn't really care about her appearance and that no one ever took the time out to tell her how bad she looked. She said she went home after our talk and looked in the mirror and said to herself that she does need to get a better bra and that she went to the store and tried on bras until one fit. She even said that she threw away the old one that she had been holding on to. That was truly awesome.

On another note, this goes for the little breast folks too. Please do not come out the house with your titter totters poking through your shirt like the sun is peeping out from the clouds. Not only buy yourself a bra, but wear it and wear it well.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Abusive men

Here is my concern: I do not know why women allow themselves to be in an abusive relationship. Abuse can come from all stems of life. It can come in the form of domestic violence, verbal abuse, to so many things that I am not even aware of. I may the one outsider looking in but from what I see, it is not pretty. I would rather be homeless than for some man to put his hands on me. It may sound cruel, but real is real. I hear some women say that they can't leave and that they are staying for the kids sake. Forget that junk. What about when the kids grow up and you are still stuck in the same rut you were in after they leave. And ladies, what's with this saying, "But I love him." Slap yourselves for even thinking that. You mean to tell me that you would rather stay with a man cause he hit you and then called you out of your name, and then he comes back and says he is sorry and all you can do is say, "Ok babe, I know you didn't mean it." And then he says, "I love you", and what do you say, "I love you back." HA...I am NOT that woman. As for me, I wish my husband would put his hands on me....cause I will be catching a case that night. Somebody will have to bail me out of jail. I know violence from violence don't equal violence, but I would be foolish too to just let him put his hands on me without it going down without a fight....and then I leave.

I hear so many songs on the radio where it's the guy who is calling women out of their names...what's up with that? But women who love this, I feel pity for you. I love myself way too much to be degraded by a man, or to be beat upon on. I love myself enough to know my worth and I will not settle for less.