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Monday, September 23, 2013

On enjoying life

On this past weekend, there was an event called Sister 2 Sister in Mobile, AL. I don't live far from Mobile, maybe 45 minutes, so me and daughter had planned to go and have a girls day out. I asked my oldest sister, Cathy, if she didn't mind driving from MS to meet us there. From MS, it was maybe a 30 minute drive. So Cathy agreed that she would love to come and we all hang out. We asked one more person to come from MS as well and she had agreed that she would come and that Cathy could pick her up and they ride togther. Cathy and I had agreed that we just find one mutual spot and meet before the event so that we all could just get in one vehicle and wouldn't have to pay parking but for one car. Well when Cathy pulls up to get in my truck, I see that she is alone and no one else is in the car with her. She gets in my truck and we proceed to head to this FREE event just me, my sister and my daughter.

Cathy already sees the look on my face when she pulls up and there is no one else in the car but her, so she says to me that she know what that look is and she is about to tell me why the other female did not come with her. She says that on Friday, this person's mother-in-law went to the doctor for a check-up and the doctor told the mother-in-law that she is fighting a battle and to get her affairs in order. The mother-in-law already knew she had cancer, but seems like the cancer has gotten worse. Well the other female, I'll call her Mahalia, tells Cathy that she can't go to this event with us because her husband is sad of the news regarding his mother and that she, Mahalia, is going to stay there with him because he is sad. Ok, stop the press. Let's back this train up just a little. So the event was Saturday, and the news came on Friday, so you around the house being sad of news that you heard on Friday and the mother-in-law is still living, so you gonna be sad on Saturday and the mother-in-law is still living....where you can't leave your house for a few hours to come and enjoy yourself all because you heard some sad news! I don't mean to sound heartless if that is the way you are reading this, because I am not. My thing is this, they gonna sit around sad every day because you heard your mother/mother-in-law is fighting a losing battle. So what about when Tuesday come, and then Wednesday, and then the rest of the days that follow in behind that. She is still living yes, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying life even if today or tomorrow was the last day on earth. I can see if a funeral was that day and I asked you to come to an event to hang with us, then that would be a reason to say no you can't make it.

Maybe I am just the only one who thinks like this. I know tomorrow is not promised, so that is why you still have to get out and live and enjoy your life. Being sad for some sad news does not change anything. You haven't truly lived until you enjoy life. My sister, my daughter and I really had a good time at the event, we went and ate lunch and just enjoyed laughter and talking. When we were done, I took my sister back to her car and I went towards I-10E and she went towards I-10W and we went back in our separate ways. My daugther said to me on our way back home that she enjoyed our mini girls day and that we should really do it again. I plan to.....real soon.

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