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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The not-so-other woman

I don't know if it's me but here is an opinion of mines that will just blow your socks off coming from me. Has anybody ever felt like they were the other woman, even when you know you are not. Or can you relate to yourself as being the one woman in your man's life, but the other woman is really not the other woman? I will break it down for you. Just follow along if you will.

See, my hubby is a deacon in the church; but we don't go around saying that because in reality, we are just normal simple people, my hubby and I. I just had to throw that out there so nobody will get lost in this post. My hubby thinks that part of his job as a deacon is to sit and listen to people's problems from the church. I really didn't have a problem with folks calling the house to throw their problems on my hubby like he got some Heaven or Hell to put these people in. He would listen and most of the time, they just wanted someone to give them some inspirational advice. Like I said, I didn't have a problem UNTIL this one woman called, and then called, and then kept calling and then kept on calling. I told hubby that I know that nobody has that many problems for her to keep calling my house. If she has that many problems, stop calling and get on your knees and pray.

In a crazy kind of way, I really hope that she is reading my blog and take a freaking hint. She is now calling when I am not there, when I am there, on the weekend, late at night....what in the world does she have to keep calling my hubby for. So, I asked hubby why does this one woman keep calling....and it's not just once every other day, she is now calling like 5 and 6 times a day. I even asked him if they were seeing each other. Of course he said they were not and that he is just being "friendly" to her and that she needs someone to talk to. So I said to hubby that maybe she should find herself a woman friend or talk to her own husband, because now I feel totally disrespected because whenever hubby and I are in the middle of our own conversation, the phone rings and it's HER, he has the audacity to tell me that he will finish this up with me and him later and then takes the call. I'm like what the what!! I told hubby I will not be number 2 in his world and that he can tell her that he will call her back later.

So I sort of brought the ugly side of me out and told hubby that this woman is totally disrespecting me by calling at 9 and 10 and night; and after I've seen her number on caller ID after I come home from work as well. I told him that he is allowing her phone calls to come and he is disrespecting me as well by taking the phone calls. I even went so far to tell hubby to tell this woman, who also goes to our church, to stop calling my house or I will. Hubby and I sat down and he kept reassuring me that nothing is going on with them, and that she just wants to talk. Well I am sorry for seeming like I am crazy and NO I AM NOT JEALOUS, but I just think it is odd that a married woman is calling a married man and just talking all throughout the day just to be talking. I told hubby that he better handle it, cause if I have to go to her myself - oh yeah I will do that. And I will even go as far as telling the woman's husband to tell your wife to stop calling my husband. Did I just go there? Yeah I did and I will.

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