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Monday, June 24, 2013

Abusive men

Here is my concern: I do not know why women allow themselves to be in an abusive relationship. Abuse can come from all stems of life. It can come in the form of domestic violence, verbal abuse, to so many things that I am not even aware of. I may the one outsider looking in but from what I see, it is not pretty. I would rather be homeless than for some man to put his hands on me. It may sound cruel, but real is real. I hear some women say that they can't leave and that they are staying for the kids sake. Forget that junk. What about when the kids grow up and you are still stuck in the same rut you were in after they leave. And ladies, what's with this saying, "But I love him." Slap yourselves for even thinking that. You mean to tell me that you would rather stay with a man cause he hit you and then called you out of your name, and then he comes back and says he is sorry and all you can do is say, "Ok babe, I know you didn't mean it." And then he says, "I love you", and what do you say, "I love you back." HA...I am NOT that woman. As for me, I wish my husband would put his hands on me....cause I will be catching a case that night. Somebody will have to bail me out of jail. I know violence from violence don't equal violence, but I would be foolish too to just let him put his hands on me without it going down without a fight....and then I leave.

I hear so many songs on the radio where it's the guy who is calling women out of their names...what's up with that? But women who love this, I feel pity for you. I love myself way too much to be degraded by a man, or to be beat upon on. I love myself enough to know my worth and I will not settle for less.

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