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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sister to sister

Since this blog is from my point of view, I have a question to ask you. Why do we, as women, are always hating on other women? Sit back and get a cup of coffee or a ice cold soda while I dig deeper in this with my point of view.

I see it everywhere I go, where women are hating on other women. I mean, do you look at these other women and they pose a threat to you? What do these women have or what has these women done that makes you say, "Uggghhh, I just can't stand her." If these women have bigger breasts than yours, well get yourself a breast job. If these women have longer hair, then let yours grow out or get yourself some weave. If these women have a bigger butt, well then get yourself some padding. If you see a skinny chic and you want to be skinny, well exercise and lose weight. If you want to gain weight, then go and stalk out Krispy Kreme 24/7. I still don't see it though. Wait a minute, do you think these women are prettier than you are? Say that is not the answer. Well here are my thoughts on that. Since I have this strong mind about myself and since I love myself and have a whole heap of confidence, this is what I see when I walk in the room, especially in a room full of women. I see myself as the most beautiful, the prettiest, the finest, the sexiest, the most voluptious, the most gorgeous, the hottest thing in the room. When I walk in a room, I don't see them, I see me. I see myself and if I have a problem with myself, I go and fix it within myself only because I love me. I'm not trying to change anything about myself all because I want what somebody else has. Their thing is not my thing and their thing is not for me. What I have is because it was designed and destined just for me.

True Story: One of my sisters has really gone off the deep end and lost her mind. If she and her husband and are in the store and some woman looks at her husband, do you know that she will holla at the woman in the store and call her out of her name and ask the woman, "What are you looking at my husband for?" I mean, really! Wouldn't you want someone to look at your husband or your boyfriend? Does she really expect people to walk in the store with blinders on and just see the apples and oranges and nothing else around them.

I also can't understand why we women want to jump all over the other woman when you find that your mate has been sleeping around. My perspective is that it takes two to tango. There is no one who can take "YOUR MAN" if he wasn't willing to go. He had opportunity and so he jumped on the bandwagon and went along for the ride. I'm just saying. Instead of encouraging one another and lifting each other up in a positive way, we are so quick to tear down other women. Keep this in mind as I close, God made more than one woman on this earth, and if you see other women as being more of this and that and you are not, then maybe the problem is you and that you need to work on yourself so that you can find contentment and be satisfied just the way you are and leave them other women alone.  Much love my sisters.

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